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Agent Conditions
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Natural intelligence of business agent: 
The business company registered in the national legal organization and obtaining the related business license and tax registration certificate. 
Enjoy good popularity in related industries and have perfect sales networks and channels. 
Can provide necessary technical supports and consultation services for the customers. 
Have fixed business operation location and necessary business conditions. 
Have convenient internet connections and necessary communication equipment, and the telephones especially for the customers. 
Have the marketing experiences on related products, can solve the technical problems during selling and answer the technical questions given by customers 
Are willing to accept the examination, supervision and conduct from entrusting side.
Application procedure of the business agent 
Put forward the application: 
The legal person organization of applying for the business agent should put forward the application by letter form to Dalian Chem Arrow Lubrication Technology Co., Ltd. [Abbr. Chem Arrow China] 
The materials to be provided: 
Certificates of The Natural Intelligence: The Copies Of Business License, Tax Registration And Business Operation Location Related Witness. 
Company related materials: such as background introduction, company's accomplishment in recent 3 years, propaganda materials published and advertisements released in the medium. 
Personnel's data: such as the composition of technical persons and sales persons, including their education background and technique ability. 
Qualification reviewing; the China headquarters of Chem Arrow Corporation International U.S.A.-Dalian Chem Arrow Lubrication Technology Co., Ltd will carry on the qualification reviewing of application company according to the materials given by the application company to determine whether accept the application or not. 
Contact and discussion: the both parties discuss and negotiate the details of cooperation through interview, telephone, fax and E-MAIL to reach an intention of cooperation. 
Sign he agreement: after Chem Arrow China approbates the marketing plan given by application company, both parties will sign cooperation agreement. Then, Chem Arrow China will issue the certificate of authorization to the business agent.